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Caelum App

Caelum App

The intelligent organizer for outdoor photography

The intelligent organizer for outdoor photography

A powerful organizer for your photo ideas

Planning and preparation are two of the most important ingredients of great outdoor photos.
It doesn't matter if you shoot landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, insects, the milkyway or deep sky objects. Most plans depend on a specific location and time. The more ideas you create, the harder it gets to keep an overview. Caelum solves this problem by storing all of your locations and photo ideas and presenting them in an overview that is ordered by month. You can then filter for a specific genre, weather condition or radius.
Which of your photo ideas will work in the current month and near your current location?
Which ideas did you plan in case there is a layer of fresh fallen snow and clear sky outside?
Caelum can answer this questions through the power of filters. It is the most powerful organizer for photo ideas. You can even specify the equipment that is needed for each photo idea.

Create your photo ideas on your iPad at home or with your iPhone on the go, everything will be automatically synchronized using iCloud.

Caelum Pro

Do you need a quick overview and more details about all your photo ideas that can be implemented in the next seven days? With the optional Caelum Pro subscription you will get a list of them with even more details: sunrise and sunset, twilights, rise and set of the milky way or any star in the night sky just by entering it's coordinates into Caelums integrated celestial body catalog.
For the next 48 hours you even get a hourly weather forecast for the location and a special icon appears if the weather forecast matches your preferred weather conditions for each photo idea.

Will the next night be clear? When is the galactic centre of the milkyway visible? How bright is the moon and when will it set? Choosing the right night for your photo idea has never been easier.

Apple Watch App

Caelum includes an Apple Watch app that displays the astronomical events and twilights for the next 24 hours depending on your current location.

This is an ideal companion to get a quick overview when you are on location.

Caelum free version

Scout locations

Save the gps coordinates of the location and the parking space. Open it in Apple Maps.

Develop ideas

Attach photo ideas to a location. Specify the genre, preferred weather, best time and the required equipment.

Packing lists

Add all of your gear to the equipment catalog and create a packing list for each photo idea.

Photo idea calendar

Browse all of your photo ideas ordered by the month in which they can be executed. No more missed opportunities!

Filter for ideas

Filter for a specific genre, weather conditions or the distance from your position to the location.

Automatic sync

All your data will be available on all of your devices via iCloud.

Apple Watch app

The astronomical events for the next 24 hours based on your location will be available in the Apple Watch app.

Caelum Pro

Next astronomical events

Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, dark night and the rise and set of galactic core for the next 24 hours.

Seven day guide

Get a list of all your photo ideas that can be implemented within the next seven days, including the relevant twilights and astronomical events.

Weather forecast

Hourly weather forecast for the first 48 hours within the seven day guide.

Free trial

Test Caelum Pro for seven days for free.

Caelum App

Created by Stefan Engel


Stefan Engel
Talstr. 25

Phone: 0151 428 962 96